Our drinks

Our creative blends reflect and celebrate the flora, fauna and rural produce of Ireland.

Our process

We cold-distill bread, butter and honey at low temperatures to capture their richness, aromatics and all the concentrated notes that compliment the whiskies. We then press heritage apples, and reduce this with selected botanicals to give body, flavour and weight to the blend. These elements are married with grain and malt whiskies sourced from across Ireland that age in J.J. Corry’s warehouses. Each nuance is married to create harmony, and to accent the whiskies at the heart, and no sugar is added. All the body, flavour and complexity of Fierfield comes from the whiskey and the botanicals, so we do not chill filter them.

Bright/ Green/ Uplifting

Birch mirrors the golden warmth of summer, where light jasmine and fresh apricot notes collide with spicy brioche for an aged champagne-style profile.

Herbal, dry and bright. Golden aromas of the whiskey are lifted with white flower notes of jasmine and honeysuckle, with peach and green peppercorn profile sitting at the heart.


Try lengthened with chilled soda water, adding a sprig of thyme.

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Dry spice/ Fruity/ Enriching

Barberry has a rich, autumnal nature, finding hazelnut and damson depth and delivering the herbal citrus feel of a port and blood orange blend.

Deeper red berry aromas that work with the spice and weight of the whiskey - but all are lifted with citrussy, brighter notes to give the profile of Port and blood orange mixed into a whiskey sour. When served with citrus it has a perfect balance of spice and zestiness.


Try in a whiskey sour, shaken with lemon, frothy egg white served with a twist.

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